Monday, October 12, 2009

"I like Indiana."

I've actually never been to Indiana. The entry title is a quote from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, but I'm sure I would like Indiana later this week when Bouchercon 2009 comes to Indianapolis. Unfortunately I can't make it this year and was unable to set up any B'con Lineup events by proxy. At least two Lineup contributors—Reed Farrel Coleman and Sophie Hannah—will be there, as will one of our sponsors, Graham Powell.

Lineup co-editor Anthony Rainone is attending B'con 2010 in San Francisco, and I'm attending B'con 2011 in St. Louis. If you're a Lineup fan in Indy this year, you might ask Reed and Sophie to sign Issue 2. Then huddle in a bar, buy Graham a drink, and read your favorite poems.

If you're a member of the Short Mystery Fiction Society, several members will be in Indy, and the presentation of plaques to the 2009 Derringer Award winners takes place Thursday, October 15, at 6:00 PM in the Main Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis. SMFS VP Jim Doherty is MC.

Meanwhile, I have great memories of Bouchercon 2008 in Baltimore.


Graham Powell said...

I will gladly accept any drinks headed my way, as long as they are not aimed at my noggin. Or aimed poorly; either way, it's fine.

Ali Karim said...

You'll be missed Gerry, as I planned to take you to White Castle Dude!

Next year!


Gerald So said...

If not next year, definitely in St. Louis.