Saturday, October 24, 2009

USA's "White Collar"

Matthew Bomer, seen lately as dashing spy Bryce Larkin on NBC's Chuck, and in my opinion a better contender for 2006's Superman Returns than Brandon Routh, stars in USA's latest character-driven drama. Bomer's looks and Templeton Peck-like charm are apparent. What I didn't expect was the vulnerability he brought to Neal Caffrey, who, for all his confidence, is tormented by a lost love.

Tim DeKay co-stars as Peter Burke, the hard-working but not too hard-nosed FBI agent who finally caught Caffrey and now supervises Caffrey's work for the Bureau. As a duo, they have the unique understanding and respect for each other only the best rivals can.

Also lending the show character is its actual New York City setting. If you missed the premiere last night, it's repeating all weekend, starting at 9:00 Eastern this morning.

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