Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Boylan's Back in Town

Apologies to Thin Lizzy. The entry title refers to my friend, Leverage writer Christine Boylan. Once upon fourteen years ago, nine of us worked on Font, Hofstra's literary magazine. Flash forward to Tuesday night, and four of us, with significant others and kids, got together for pizza (for which Christine refused to let anyone else pay) at my house, or as I call it, The Fortress of So-litude.

I'm thankful most of my Font friends and I have stayed not just in touch, but close. Thanksgiving to me, though, is not only an annual occasion. I'm grateful for every second, for the kindness I'm shown, for the ability to work with others toward a collective good.

L to R: Deshant Paul, Christine and her fiance Eric Heisserer, me, John Ricotta and his daughters


John D. said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Gerald.

tedesco23 said...

Wish I could have been there, Gerald. See you next month.