Thursday, December 17, 2009

Deck The Blog...

I'm a bit ashamed to say the only decorating I've done so far is on this blog. My father used to string lights on every tree on our property. Since my father's passing, my brother has decorated the walkway to our front door. This year, though, everything was set back about two weeks due to the season's usual bugs. The Christmas party will be at my aunt's house, so there's been no urgency to decorate ours.

In a way, it hasn't mattered. I've still been of good cheer and listened to my share of Christmas songs. I haven't expected any great gifts from my extended family for years, but especially in this economy. I can't bring much to the party myself, but I will bring a spirit that welcomes the day's priceless joy and surprises.

UPDATE: I helped my mother hang wreaths on the front door, and she put out some fiberoptic trees. It's nice.

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