Saturday, February 06, 2010


Picture me shouting Bill Gates's name a la Captain Kirk's "Khan!!!" I haven't used Windows in five years, and it's still giving me headaches. Blogging was light this week as I upgraded my Ubuntu from Hardy to Intrepid, to Jaunty, to Karmic. The last step left me unable to boot up because I hadn't updated from GRUB Legacy (boot menu) to GRUB 2. My brother was kind enough to find the update instructions, but my system still wouldn't boot.

To make an hours-long story short, changes between Jaunty and Karmic had Ubuntu sensing two filesystems on my hard drive. I bought my current PC four years ago and immediately wiped out the pre-installed Windows in favor of Ubuntu. Little did I know until Wednesday, a remnant of the Windows installation lurked on the first sector of my hard drive like General Chang's cloaked Klingon ship in Star Trek VI. Much like Kirk's plasma-seeking torpedo, my brother pinpointed and cleaned out the sector, freeing Karmic to finally boot.

Where's that damn torpedo?

She's ready, Jim. Lock and load.



Graham Powell said...

As I said before...

Linux: Impossible to configure.

Windows: Easy to configure, just doesn't work.

Mac: Easy to configure, works, but doesn't do anything useful.

Gerald So said...

I think you've made my case for Linux. :)