Monday, April 26, 2010

THE DEPUTY by Victor Gischler

Assigned to guard the body of Luke Jordan while the chief informs the Jordan family, Coyote Crossing Oklahoma deputy Toby Sawyer gets bored and decides to run off for a quickie with his girlfriend. Returning to find Luke's body missing, Toby stumbles across a scheme to smuggle Mexicans into the U.S.

In the course of one long night, during which, to top it off, his wife abandons him and their toddler son, Toby goes from a well-meaning slacker to a man who faces trouble head on. All the while, Gischler gives Toby a humble, not classically heroic voice, helping readers appreciate each step of Toby's trial by fire.

Thanks to Tyrus Books for publishing The Deputy, a creative mix of crime, mystery, and Western.


Graham Powell said...

My copy just arrived today. But I gotta finish up Needle Mag's first issue.

Victor Gischler said...

Mr. So,

Thanks for the shout out!