Friday, April 02, 2010

Getaway Poetry Blog Tour

If you're a blogger who would like to celebrate April, National Poetry Month, and promote The Lineup: Poems on Crime, here's my idea:

1. Pick your favorite crime-themed poem ("Crime" can be anything you see as a crime, and the poem can, but doesn't have to come from The Lineup 1, 2, or 3).

2. Blog about said poem, putting some words of support for The Lineup (your choice of words) and a Lineup-related link at the beginning or end of your post. There are many links to chose from:

- The Lineup blog:
- The Lineup Facebook group:
- Poetic Justice Press on Twitter:
- The Lineup 1 page on Lulu:
- The Lineup 2 page on Lulu:
- The Lineup 3 page on Lulu:
- Murder By The Book website, sellers of The Lineup:
- Once Upon a Crime website, sellers of The Lineup:
- The Mysterious Bookshop website, sellers of the Lineup:

3. Posts can go up anytime during April. More than one post is allowed per day. Leave a comment on this post with your blog address and date you'd like to participate. You may also e-mail me this information at g_so AT yahoo DOT com.

4. I'll link to your posts here, rounding them up throughout April.

Thanks in advance for supporting this effort.

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