Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm Walking Here: Distended Metaphor?

On Wednesday, I took the LIRR to visit friends in Lindenhurst. From where I live, I have to train to Jamaica, Queens and transfer there to a train back east to Lindenhurst. A circuitous route, yes, but I walk 2.3 miles to my nearest train station.

I've always wished I didn't have to go to Manhattan or way out east for a mystery or poetry venue, and that day I thought I found one. Right on my way to the Carle Place station was a new-looking building with the word "POETS" in large print on the side. I stopped and paid my respects, looked in the window from across the street but had no time to look closer. When I got home, I searched for the building's address online and learned Poets was a skate shop.

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