Sunday, April 18, 2010

Release The CrimeWAV!

Episode 55 is live!

Seth Harwood and I introduce The Lineup's second CrimeWAV podcast. Lineup 3 contributors Carrie McGath, James M. McGowan, and Jackie Sheeler read with Richie Narvaez and me. Listen with the player above or download the MP3 file.

Carrie reads her poem, "The Crimes of Cat-Calling".

Jackie reads her poems, "Anthony Baez" and "Another Hallway Altar in the Projects".

James reads his poem, "Running For Home".

Richie reads "Ride-along" and "Tuesday A.M." by Sarah Cortez, "Community Service" by David Hernandez, and "Other Conclusions" by James Sallis.

Finally, I read "Takeout (as we roll)" by Henry Chang, "Certain Methods" by David S. Pointer, and "Independence Day, 1976" by Wallace Stroby.

Huge thanks again to Seth and the Lineup contributors and readers on this great episode.

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