Sunday, May 30, 2010

Holiday Weekend?

I've been busy this past week into Memorial weekend as the Short Mystery Fiction Society prepares to elect officers to succeed me and Jim Doherty as president and VP respectively. The past two years, we've worked to strengthen the Society's rules and procedures and better connect with the general public. These goals largely met, Jim and I opted not to run for second terms.

I personally feel it's important for the SMFS to develop as dynamically as possible, and I welcome successors with the best ideas for its future.

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Graham Powell said...

I think you guys have done a good job getting the word out. At Bouchercon, the Derringer awards were announced at the same time as other major awards. And the issu of Ellery Queen's in the BCon gift bag announced Clark Howard as the Edward D. Hoch Golden Derringer winner. Kudos!