Saturday, May 15, 2010

Smallville: "Salvation"

I hadn't watched the previous six or so episodes of Smallville. The show is well past its original five-year plan, but the occasional story catches my eye. Whatever my pet peeves with Smallville, one thing has always been true: The show knows how to put on a season finale.

In short, Clark finally had a way to send Zod and the Kandorians to a new planet, halting their invasion of Earth. The catch: As a fellow Kryptonian, Clark would be sent to the same planet. To me, the greatest contribution Clark/Superman can make is to inspire people, to fight no matter the odds, indeed to make the ultimate sacrifice. So, though Smallville will be back for a tenth season, this was a good note to end on.

I also liked Lois's confusion over which Blur to believe in, Zod or Clark. When she realizes who to trust, Zod attacks her and Clark saves her. Resolved to sacrifice his life on Earth, Clark still doesn't tell Lois he is The Blur, but he kisses her, and she figures it out.

In the climactic battle, Zod uses a blue Kryptonite dagger to avoid being sent to the new planet. He intends to rule the world, but when he drives the dagger into Clark, he is taken up by the transporter beam, and Clark falls. To be continued...

Will Clark start next season with amnesia, having to re-learn his powers? That might work, but I hope they don't do it for long.

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