Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have no good reason for being away from this blog, but then I need no reason to blog now.

In four days, some college friends and I are seeing The A-Team movie. When I saw the teaser trailer in February, I was giddy. I knew the actors were different and Vietnam would be updated to a more recent war, but the writers seemed to have the tone right.

With the premiere closing in, several of the original actors have criticized the movie. Comments attributed to Mr. T., which he has since denied, said the movie's sex and violence were too graphic. These comments don't exactly sway me. The closest thing I saw to sex in 8PM 80s broadcast TV was innuendo. Of course more liberties will be taken in a movie, but it is PG-13.

The show's approach to violence was clearly cartoony. I'd wager everyone watching knew that when you fired guns or lobbed grenades, people died. The show just didn't show it.

While I share neither of these concerns, I do wonder if the characters will come through. Will I see in them what made them so memorable in the first place?

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