Sunday, June 20, 2010

NCIS Returns

Michael Weatherly and Pauley Perrette have signed new contracts to return to NCIS next season. Sean Murray has refused to comment on his contract situation, but he is the last veteran cast member in question. Part of me is happy to hear of the returns, but the longer actors stay with a series, the more attached viewers become. Character death/departure is an opportunity to energize a show, as we've seen with Kate Todd and Jenny Shepard.

UPDATE: On June 22, it was reported Murray had signed on for next season.


Fred Zackel said...

Sean is, I believe, the stepson of Donald P. Bellasario. You might want to look that relationship.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Sean will be back for another NCIS season. A lot of viewers think the show wouldn't survive without Mark Harmon, but it would be a horrible blow if Sean were to leave. This is one show in which every one of the main characters is really great. McGee is so complex that's he's become my favorite. Although Abby is also very cool. But then so are Ziva, Tony, Ducky and Palmer. Let's face it, this is a cast in a million. I even love Vance and enjoy his cross-over appearances on NCIS LA. Long live NCIS.