Saturday, July 31, 2010

ICE COLD by Tess Gerritsen

Frustrated at the state of her romance with Catholic priest Daniel Brophy, Maura Isles decides to go for a drive with a charismatic friend from college with whom she reconnects at a medical conference in Wyoming.

Unfortunately, Maura and friends veer off course, and one of their party is badly injured. They have to hole up in the abandoned town of Kingdom Come. Soon, Maura's Boston friends begin to miss her, and Det. Jane Rizzoli receives word that Maura's body has been found.

To Gerritsen's credit, I was easily drawn into this wintry mystery at the height of summer. That I worried for the life a viewpoint character (Maura) is a testament to Ice Cold's pacing. I also appreciated that the search for Maura didn't dominate the book. Two equally compelling subplots gave the novel scope. Recommended for fans of the series.


David Barber said...

Gerald, I've just got into Gerritsen (almost finished The Surgeon) and the lady can write. I was given the book by a friend and haven't been able to put the thing down. I'm looking forward to reading her others.

Graham Powell said...

...her romance with Catholic priest Daniel Brophy...

Yeah, that sounds like a recipe for frustration.