Monday, January 10, 2011

Back In Line

After my post pondering The Lineup's future, it pays to remember I did not recruit others or get behind The Lineup myself to make money. I went into it aware of how much existing poetry could be seen in a fresh way with a crime theme. I believed the crime theme could excite new readers, show them the power of poetry the way I was shown reading the Romantic poets in college while simultaneously reading Robert B. Parker on my own.

My co-editors and I decided on annual issues to keep costs down while testing how much interest and material were out there. Each new issue builds our case that the crime angle is a powerful way to examine and deliver poetry—much the same way crime energizes fiction—and that a distributor should take a chance on The Lineup.

More than simply increasing sales, it's important to us that The Lineup reach those most interested and best equipped to keep its concept going.

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