Friday, January 28, 2011

A Look Back at Jackson Donne

Yesterday, Thrilling Detective alum Dave White and Needle Publishing announced an eBook collecting seven of Dave's Jackson Donne stories would hit virtual shelves next month.

I read drafts of five of the seven stories when they first appeared. It was a privilege to watch Dave's writing develop and to give it a nudge where I could. His post-9/11 story "Closure" may be his most acclaimed, but I prefer his work after that. Intent not to be pigeonholed by one story, he wanted subsequent stories to be even more challenging and memorable, and I believe he succeeded.

I last edited Dave six years ago, so I can reveal with some detachment my favorite Donne story: "God's Dice".


Graham Powell said...

His writing after "Closure" continued to get better, but that story just has a special power.

I have to admit that "God's Dice" was one of the few PI stories that shocked me.

StephenD said...

Yeah, "God's Dice" is a killer. I've read all Dave's stories, and can't wait for the collected volume.