Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Drawing Canceled

The drawing for a signed, personalized advance copy of The Lineup #4 is canceled. No entries were received, despite as much promotion as Twitter followers and I were willing to give over the four-day entry period.

We've tried to keep The Lineup affordable at Lulu, but the contest results show that a 20%-Off coupon and chance to win a prize weren't enough to make one sale. I still believe in The Lineup and am looking for believers to keep it going. At some point, though, belief has to meet practicality. If we don't have the sales, we'll need to cut production costs somehow, or call it a day.

The Lineup started with four people willing to help an idea become reality. In that same spirit, I look forward to working with anyone who has ideas for The Lineup's future. I'm only an e-mail away.


Scott Cupp said...

Gerald - Sorry to hear about the poor response. I have been out of touch with the web. I went ahead and ordered issues 1 and 2 because I liked the issue 3 I got at NoirCon. Reed and Sarah were waxing heavily about it. I enjoed in quite well. Hope #4 is just as fine . Keep the faith. There are readers out there.

Gerald So said...

Thanks, Scott. Good to hear from you. Feel free to spread the word about us.

Anonymous said...

I just received my copy of #4 and wanted to send a note saying how much I'm enjoying it. Fantastic writing, I'm savoring each poem. Really sorry to hear about the poor response. It's such a good magazine!

Anonymous said...

Kindle subscription?

Gerald So said...

We have been exploring formatting The Lineup for Kindle, but poetry is more difficult to format than prose. With some poems, if you lose the formatting, you lose the poem. I may ask a friend about designing a Lineup phone app to deliver past poems.

Gerald So said...

I'm told a phone app would cost a lot and we don't have enough past poems to make it worthwhile. Ah, well. The outlook is decidedly more positive on the print front. Nothing solid yet, but hopeful.