Monday, February 07, 2011

Obligatory Super Bowl XLV Post

While my football fandom can't touch my basketball or baseball fandom, I do root for the Giants. So last night's Super Bowl was simply a tight game between two teams. I watched the game over Italian food with with my friends John and Kelly Ricotta, and someone's friend was from Green Bay, so there was our rooting interest for the night.

I also think Brett Favre hung on too long in Green Bay, and played with the fans' passion, not to mention ultimately betraying them by going to the Vikings. (Would Jeter join the Red Sox?) I'm happy for Favre's perennial backup Aaron Rodgers (soon to be called Captain America?) and Mike McCarthy, the coach who cut ties with Favre.

I didn't notice that Christina Aguilera flubbed a line of "The Star-Spangled Banner", but who hasn't? I was too distracted by her uncomfortable facial expressions to hear most of her words. I'm pretty sure one doesn't need to make those expressions to form those words.

Bonuses: I finally got to exchange holiday gifts with John. I gave him Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry, and he gave me an Amazon gift certificate. We also helped John's six-year-old daughter write an acrostic about her favorite animal, first a unicorn, but eventually a dog.

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