Monday, March 21, 2011

Superheroes Rebooted

With a slight pun on costume boots, I introduce my thoughts on the casting for Zack Snyder's Superman movie. Diane Lane as Martha and Kevin Costner as Jonathan seem like good choices. Both can play salt-of-the-earth. I haven't seen Superman Henry Cavill or any of Zack Snyder's movies, but I'm ready for a fresh take. Bryan Singer's Superman Returns so wanted to link itself to Richard Donner and Christopher Reeve, there was nothing original about it.

UPDATE (March 27): Amy Adams has been announced as the reboot's Lois Lane. I contend Lois is the most important part. She helps us earthlings relate to a strange visitor from another planet. Adams may have the acting chops I'm looking for.

Meanwhile, David E. Kelley has promised his Wonder Woman TV series at NBC will blend classic and modern. I'm not sure it can match the '70s Lynda Carter series for earnestness. Here's a photo of star Adrianne Palicki in costume that I haven't quite digested:

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