Friday, April 08, 2011

FOX's Breaking In

I'll tell you up front: I was interested in Breaking In before I knew its premise. I'm a fan of series star Bret Harrison from the late, lamented CW show Reaper. I'm a fan of Michael Rosenbaum from Zoe, Duncan, Jack, and Jane, Smallville, Justice League...

Anyway, here Harrison plays Cameron Price, a hacker in his seventh year of college on a full scholarship with two dorm rooms at his disposal. In the pilot, he is discovered by Oz (Christian Slater), who runs the security testing company Contra. Contra was hired to test the security of the university's computer network, but instead of turning Cameron in, Oz hires him.

Cameron's new colleagues are fellow misfit savants Cassius Sparks (Alphonso McAuley), Josh Armstrong (Trevor Moore), and Melanie Garcia (Odette Annable), all of whom would prank him as soon as welcome him. The humor hit at hyperspeed, as did the plot details, but that invited me to pay attention every second. Even then, the show managed to pull one over on me. Well done.

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