Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jim Winter's ROAD RULES Coming to Kindle and Smashwords

Road Rules is something of a departure for Jim Winter, best known for creating gritty Cleveland P.I. Nick Kepler. It's a crime novel, involving a stolen car and the disappearance of a chest of bones priceless to the Catholic Church, but it's also a road novel, with unexpected detours and good-natured humor.

I had the privilege to read Road Rules as Jim shopped it for publication, a winding road recounted in the ebook's introduction. The characters appeal to me most: how they become entangled in the theft and resolution, and the idiosyncrasies they show along the way.

Reading the novel again brings to mind discovering a book I hadn't heard about by a favorite author, not a series book, but a standalone in which the author stretches himself creatively. It's the kind of novel you may not have gotten to read before ebooks, precisely the kind I download in a snap.

Jim is publishing Road Rules in September, just in time for that last drive of the summer. Enjoy.

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