Sunday, September 04, 2011

"Home" Reviewed

"Home", the lead story in my ebook First In, Last Out, was reviewed in early 2005 on The Short Of It, one of if not the first blog to focus on short stories. The Short Of It was created by Robert W. Tinsley, author of eighteen stories featuring Navy SEAL turned P.I. Jack Brady, now collected in the ebook The Brady Files.

Of "Home", Bob wrote in part:
Tom Gregory is an ex-Marine coming home to see his sister after a prolonged absence. He uses the death of Irene, the woman who served as their surrogate mother after the loss of their own parents as an excuse to make the trip and possibly endure Lisa's scorn for his neglect.

I particularly liked the scene where Lisa finds Tom on her doorstep. Gerald shows the joy of reunion tempered by the resentment and anger brought on by what Lisa must see as his abandonment of her and Irene.

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