Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meet Me in St. Louis

My drive to Bouchercon in St. Louis begins tomorrow at four A.M. As you can tell by some of my timestamps, I'm quite used to waking up early. If you'd like to meet me, here again are the panels I plan to attend. I should be back Sunday night, in time to begin my coverage of the fall TV season for Boomtron.

Yesterday, Do Some Damage's Steve Weddle discussed why we attend cons in the age of ebooks and social media.

I commented:

B'con 2008 in Baltimore was my first convention, and I was lucky enough to be picked for a panel on crime poetry moderated by Reed Farrel Coleman, with Sophie Hannah, and John Harvey--a great spontaneous panel. 
My favorite part of the con was meeting and having a chance to talk with people...also quite spontaneously. Three friends and I had just published the first issue of THE LINEUP: POEMS ON CRIME, and I was pushing that (giving away copies). I think I balanced being a writer and a fan well, but I look forward to just going as a fan this year. If, after getting to know me, people want to buy my books, it's a bonus.
Proximity to New York increases the likelihood I'll attend a con, also if I know the organizers and like what they've done. Ruth Jordan and Judy Bobalik did a great job in '08 and I was looking forward to meeting David Thompson, one of THE LINEUP's biggest supporters.

David was the first bookseller to carry The Lineup, based only on my description of its concept in 2008. Today is the anniversary of his sudden death in 2010. We had been in talks for his Busted Flush Press to possibly increase The Lineup's distribution. In the weeks and months following his passing, Busted Flush's announced merger with Tyrus Books fell through. My co-editors and I scrambled for a new plan, but nothing came to fruition.

I am glad that, before we had to close shop, we were able to dedicate the last issue of The Lineup (April 2011) to David.

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Graham Powell said...

I didn't realize that today was the anniversary of David Thompson's death, but because of his involvement in the St. Louis Bcon I know I'll raise a toast at some point.

I really admire him, because we were the same age, but he actually brought his dreams to fruition, while I'm still working on it.