Monday, October 03, 2011

Why a Poetry Ebook? Part 2

The Lineup: Poems on Crime was always well received. Unfortunately,'s high printing and shipping costs limit the reach of our print issues, which contributed to our no longer publishing new issues. The cost to Lulu customers tops out at $12 ($7 base cost + $4 shipping + $1 sales tax) for our final, most ambitious 52-page issue. Some chapbooks printed elsewhere are also priced at $12, but how many of them sell, I wonder.

The co-editors and I had always considered ebooks of our print issues to reach as many readers as we could. It was equally important, though, that any e-conversion preserve poetic lines as written. Having finally found a way to do this, I can offer The Lineup #4 without printing cost, shipping cost, or sales tax for $2.99.

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