Sunday, November 20, 2011


This summer's live-action Green Lantern movie, a box office disappointment, came up in my brother's Netflix queue this weekend. Ryan Reynolds was an okay Hal Jordan, but he had little chemistry with Blake Lively.

The movie's worst offense was its mashup of character histories and lore, linking everyone to Parallax. It was necessary to make a coherent movie for the widest possible audience, but, as Green Lantern would never approach Superman's or Batman's popularity anyway, I would've stayed closer to what Green Lantern fans know and love. It's also possible the studio egregiously overestimated Green Lantern's and Ryan Reynolds's appeal.

This much said, I give Green Lantern a C, having given Thor a D.

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green blogger said...

Being a Green Lantern fan, I myself did not appreciate the live movie that much. A lot about the comic storyarc have been mixed up in the live movie interpretation of Hal Jordan being a Green Lantern. A lot did not fit well. About the actors, I think they did okay. Not that great but not that bad as well. Nothing too special I would say. Hope the sequel will be much better.