Saturday, January 14, 2012

THE ZEN MAN by Colleen Collins

Colleen Collins co-owns Highlands Investigations in Denver, Colorado. She has also written twenty novels for Harlequin and Dorchester and is a longtime member of my contemporary P.I. fiction discussion list, DetecToday. As preparation for a Chatterrific interview, Colleen sent me two instructional ebooks and her novel, The Zen Man.

Lawyer-turned-P.I. Rick Levine is the titular character. During a professional party at Rick's lodge, his ex-wife Deborah is murdered. Tabbed as the prime suspect, Rick, along with his partner/girlfriend Laura, must clear his name by uncovering who else stood to gain from Deborah's death.

The Zen Man is an homage and update of Dashiell Hammett's Nick and Nora Charles, a well-paced mix of banter, action, and New Age philosophizing. At the heart of it is Rick, a sympathetic, flawed character working to redeem himself.

You can visit The Zen Man website to learn more. Why not take advantage of the 99-cent Nook price through January 18?

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