Monday, February 06, 2012

Deja Blue

My friend John Ricotta invited me to watch the Super Bowl with some of his extended family in Woodside, Queens. I've known the Hekimian-Ricotta clan for sixteen years now, but I hadn't seen many of them in five years, since they threw a surprise birthday party for John.

John's father ordered plenty of food and drink, including pulled pork, American and Italian heroes, chicken wings, macaroni and cheese, and baked ziti. A good time was had by all, especially since the Giants came back in the fourth quarter to top the Patriots again.

I'm not the biggest football fan, and I'm not into commercials or halftime shows, either. I most enjoyed seeing how the family had grown and remained close.

My favorite commercial was Clint Eastwood's halftime ad for Chrysler. I didn't realize it was an ad at the time. Having stepped out for a bite to eat, I thought Clint was giving an off-the-cuff speech, a very moving one at that.

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