Thursday, February 09, 2012

HOUSE Ending After Eight Seasons's Rick Porter reports on FOX's announcement yesterday that medical drama House would end this spring.

I caught up with House when the Season 1 DVD set was released. I liked the unexpected way House related to patients and colleagues. I appreciated the puzzle-solving each episode. When House's brilliance had been established, it seemed the writers made up personal challenges to throw his way: a tough cop who pushed back against House's bullying, a rift between House and his original team, a rift between House and Wilson...

House's personality is definitely one of the show's strengths, but overemphasizing personality leads to melodrama, such as House turning the hiring process into a game of Survivor, House toying with Cuddy's private investigator boyfriend, House crashing a car into Cuddy's house.

By all means, shows should run as long as they can, but often that means I lose interest two seasons before the end.

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