Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Cartoon Network's YOUNG JUSTICE, wherein Robin, Kid Flash, and other teen heroes act as covert backup for the adult Justice League, usually skews young for me, but in the latest episode, the teen team investigates an odd accession that could shift the balance of power in the Middle East. The mission is sidetracked when the team spots Gar Logan (who would become Beast Boy) and his mother Marie caught in a wildebeest stampede.

YOUNG JUSTICE's take on the DC universe is set on the relatively untapped Earth-16, where Marie is a former child actress whose fad TV series, HELLO, MEGAN, inspired the human form and mannerisms adopted by Miss Martian (M'gann M'orzz). On a deeper level, M'gann is actually a white Martian, raised by the green Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz) after the white invaders all but killed off the green natives. M'gann takes on the appearance of a green Martian out of respect for J'onn, and her teammates believe she is J'onn's blood relative.

M'gann is starstruck to meet her TV idol, but Marie rebuffs her affection, saying her acting career is long behind her. In this telling, Gar receives his shape-shifting power after a blood transfusion from M'gann. The theme of appearance versus true identity had added resonance as "Image" was written by former child actress Nicole Dubuc, now an accomplished screenwriter. Also, former child actress Danica McKellar—who now holds an advanced math degree and has written two math books—voices M'gann.

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