Friday, June 22, 2012

The Heat Overwhelms the Thunder

I wanted Oklahoma City to foil Miami in the NBA Finals. I don't resent Miami's big three. LeBron's departure from Cleveland wasn't the first time I'd seen a sports hero alienate his hometown fanbase. My issue with Miami's big three was that none of them were that big physically. On paper, the Heat can't match up with the more traditionally balanced team the Thunder appeared to be, and paying so much salary to three players prohibits the Heat from improving their bench.

The Heat proved conventional wisdom wrong, but that's the best reason to watch sports, for unpredictable outcomes, for personal performances that defy the odds. I wanted the Lakers to beat the Bulls in the 1990-91 Finals that ended in Michael Jordan's first championship. I wanted the Red Sox to lose in 2004. Neither happened. You may want to continue throwing cold water on the Heat, but if you don't acknowledge they won this year's title by a wide margin, you are deeply in denial.

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