Tuesday, July 10, 2012


As a longtime fan of Eric McCormack, Rachael Leigh Cook, and mysteries, I've been anticipating PERCEPTION for months, and it delivered. McCormack plays Chicago neuroscience professor Daniel Pierce, a brilliant schizophrenic who believes he functions better without his medication. Cook plays FBI Special Agent Kate Moretti, Pierce's former student, transferred back to Chicago thanks to her tendency to go beyond the scope of her assignments.

In last night's pilot, Moretti called on Pierce's expertise in the case of a woman who had already confessed to her husband's murder. Questioning the woman, Pierce learned she'd become delusional and the suggestion by the police that she'd killed her husband made her believe she had done it.

The show turns on McCormack winning sympathy for Pierce as he's bombarded with puzzles and hallucinates people to help solve them. It's a vivid way to see his mind at work, and, appropriately, viewers can't tell hallucination from reality until they see other characters' view of Pierce, or Pierce comes to the realization himself.

PERCEPTION airs Monday nights at 10:00, and you can count on me to be there.

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