Monday, September 24, 2012

TV Report Card

Most shows on the Big Three networks premiere this week. For much of the past two years, I had posted weekly reviews of several TV shows at Boomtron. Since Boomtron moved away from weekly reviews early last season, I've been free to watch what I want, when I want. Here's a look at the shows I'm still watching and new shows I'm looking forward to:

Castle - I haven't watched closely since I've reviewed Hawaii Five-0 weekly the past two seasons. The show is a little too light for me, but as a loyal Browncoat, I can't ignore it completely. Tonight I'm curious to see if indeed it avoids the Moonlighting curse.

Perception - A clinical psychiatrist friend of mine hates this show, but I've always liked Eric McCormack, Rachael Leigh Cook, and LeVar Burton. The protagonist is a college professor, a job I've done and wouldn't mind doing again. The two-part Season 1 finale was especially absorbing and enjoyable.

NCIS - I've been a fan from the beginning, but I don't think the show has done anything particularly exciting since the attempt on Director Vance's life halfway through Season 8. Threats since then have seemed more contrived. Season 9 ended with a bomb blast at NCIS HQ, but all the actors are signed to return this season. Ho-hum.

NCIS: Los Angeles - The show improved in Seasons 2 and 3, though 3 ended with Callen facing discipline for shooting The Chameleon dead. I don't know if I'll believe how the characters come back from this, just as I didn't quite believe Neal and Peter's return to FBI work this season on White Collar.

Covert Affairs - The bombing death of Jai Wilcox has propelled this season. I don't quite believe that Annie would be allowed to go to such lengths to pursue Lena, and I don't know how she'll come back, but I have a soft spot for the all characters, including Jai.

The Big Bang Theory - "True geeks" seem to find this show generic, but, though I see their point, the show makes me feel good. Many shows have strong narrative drive that compels me to watch, but few actually make me feel good/better.

Burn Notice - Every season, Michael fixates on some Big Bad, only to be led to some Bigger Bad he never imagined. Formulaic, I know, but I'm still interested.

Person of Interest - The show hooked me by the end of its first season, Finch and Reese embracing their quirkiness.

Elementary - Purists be darned. I'm ready to like this version of Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson in present-day New York.

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