Thursday, December 13, 2012

Best of 2012 - Movies

I don't get to watch many movies in theaters, and you'll notice a theme in much of what I did watch, but here goes:

SKYFALL is at the top of my list for what it does to revitalize the Bond franchise after 2008's mediocre Quantum of Solace. Skyfall both explores new territory and calls back some classic themes and characters.

WRECK-IT RALPH didn't especially appeal to me in previews, but grew on me as it went on. Halfway through, I was completely invested in characters whose actions and outcomes weren't predetermined.

MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS lived up to years of hype, but watching it on video, its structure is more obvious, a set of action sequences devised to showcase each hero. I'm not sure the sequences are tied together that well. Still a fun ride.

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES was better than The Dark Knight, which I'm sure is enough of a controversial opinion. I liked that it gave Bruce Wayne an ending, a way out of being the Batman. I liked Anne Hathaway as Selena Kyle. The rest of the movie felt heavy, but it may boil down to the fact I'm not the biggest Batman fan.

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Kathleen A. Ryan said...

A great list, Gerald! I'm a major theatre-goer (several times a month as long as there are decent choices available), and I'd have to agree with you re: Skyfall & The Avengers (didn't see the other two). The leader of the pack for 2012 movies IMHO was Seven Psychopaths. If you didn't catch it in the theatre, then it will be a must-see when available to rent/buy. Don't miss it.

Other very honorable mentions: Looper, ParaNorman, A Cabin in the Woods, and Savages (although I had difficulty with the 'alternate' endings)