Monday, December 10, 2012

Don't tell me when to be jolly.

I agree that commercial societies celebrate the holidays too soon, and by "celebrate", I mean "exploit", but as I did my own shopping this season, it felt good to forgo some things I wanted in order to buy some things for friends. I admit to many Christmases being disappointed not getting exactly what I wanted from the people who supposedly know me best, being embarrassed not having enough money to buy splashy presents.

This year, it's more-than-ever clear to me that what I give or receive on one big day is not the point. I can take joy in the modest gifts I've gotten friends, and I don't need to wait until the 25th or later to give them. Christmas cards and gifts seem tokens, don't they, if giver and receiver forget each other the rest of the year?

Of course there are times and places to express feelings, but there is no wrong time to feel them, reflect on them, and from that reflection, better understand oneself.

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