Wednesday, January 09, 2013

NCIS: "Shabbat Shalom"

A Navy man's body is fished out of the Potomac, and Ziva's father (Michael Nouri), the aging director of Mossad, visits her unannounced. Not even his own people know he's in D.C. At first, the two events seem unrelated, but Eli David reveals he is secretly meeting with his Iranian counterpart, also in Washington, to broker peace.

If the wrong people knew they were meeting, both Eli and his counterpart would be shot. It all falls apart when the dead Navy man is found to be a reporter, and Eli confesses to Ziva that he killed the man to protect the secrecy of his meeting.

I'll stop there for anyone who hasn't caught the episode, but for me, it was the most riveting since Season 8's "Enemies Foreign"/"Enemies Domestic". Season finales are expected to be dramatic and often don't live up to the hype. Mid-season twists are more effective because they sneak up on viewers. My interest in NCIS overall has waned, but bringing back a character like Eli David brings me back. We'll see for how long.

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