Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Atkins' ambitious second Spenser novel is out today. Here's my Amazon review.

UPDATE (May 8, 2013): The sun broke out on an otherwise rainy day just before Ace Atkins signed WONDERLAND at New York City's Mysterious Bookshop. My friend and fellow Spenser fan, John Ricotta, and I attended along with Joe Guglielmelli of the East Side's dearly-missed Black Orchid Bookshop, and noir "queenpin" Megan Abbott.

Though this is the first we've met in person, I interviewed Ace for Crimespree Magazine on April 29, 2011, two days after Putnam and Parker's estate announced him as the choice to continue the Spenser novels. In his answers, I saw true knowledge of Spenser and respect for Parker. There's nothing like chatting with people who've read what you've read, watched or listened with the same fervor, but have perspectives you're hearing for the first time.

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Anonymous said...

I also think Ace has done a pretty good job with his two Spenser novels. Plus, the fried chicken recipe in Wonderland is pretty darned good.