Sunday, August 18, 2013

Noir at the Bar NYC 5: Sunday, August 18

I arrived at Shade later than expected, due to a pedestrian struck by the LIRR train ahead of mine, but others were delayed by traffic on the L.I.E., so I didn't miss anything.

I had the pleasure of sitting with Tom and Sarah Pluck, caught up with Charlie Stella and Jack Getze, and turned some new people on to crime poetry. Thanks to Glenn Gray and Todd Robinson for the warm welcome.

Photos courtesy of Glenn Gray.

I read "Witness Protection", "Redemption", and "Life Sentence".

With Tom Pluck and Todd Robinson

(L to R: Tom Pluck, Charlie Stella, Gerald So - crouched, Glenn Gray, Suzanne Solomon, Jack Getze - seated, Teel James Glenn, Todd Robinson, Scott Adlerberg, Bradley Sands)

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