Sunday, September 01, 2013

My Bouchercon 2013 Plan

Here are my first and second choices for the panels I want to take in at Bouchercon, September 19-22, in Albany. I'm arriving Thursday, possibly late for the noon panels, but if not:

Thursday 12:00-12:55 P.M. - River of Dreams - Room 1 - The road to being a debut author with moderator Erin Mitchell, Sean Chercover, Elizabeth Haynes, Gilbert King, Lisa Lutz, and Alex Marwood.

2nd Choice - Thursday 12:00-12:55 P.M. - Can I Get a Witness - Room 7 - On William Morrow's planned digital-first mystery line, Witness, with moderator Danielle Bartlett, James Heyman, Dan Mallory, and Meg Ruley.

Thursday 1:20-2:15 P.M. - Angry Young Man - Room 2 - What drives the P.I. with moderator Ted Fitzgerald, J.L. Abramo, Jack Fredrickson, David Housewright, Tom Sweeney, and Richard Lipez.

Thursday 2:40-3:35 P.M. - Leave a Tender Moment Alone - Room 6 - Levels of intimacy with moderator Lauren Henderson, David Corbett, Heather Graham, Julie Kramer, William Kent Krueger, and Jess McConkey.

Thursday 4:00-4:55 P.M. - The Siegfried Line - Room 3 - Crime before, during, and after World War II with moderator Peter Rozovsky, James R. Benn, J. Robert Janes, John Lawton, Martin Límon, and Susan Ella MacNeil.

Thursday 7:30-9:00 P.M. - Opening Ceremonies - Hart Theater - As part of the ceremonies, SMFS president Tom Sweeney will present plaques to the Derringer winners.

Friday 10:20-11:15 A.M. - Goodnight, My Angel - Room 2 - Readers' love affair with hardboiled and noir with moderator Peter Rozovsky, Eric Beetner, Mike Dennis, Dana King, Terrence McCauley, and Jonathan Woods.

Friday 12:30-1:25 P.M. - Until the Night - Room 1 - The art of writing the P.I. novel with moderator Ali Karim, Baron Birtcher, Jack Bludis, Brendan DuBois, Charles Salzberg, and John Shepphird.

2nd Choice - Friday 12:30-1:25 P.M. - Somewhere Along the Line - Room 6 - Guess the true first line with moderator Rhys Bowen, Lucy Burdette, Deborah Crombie, Hallie Ephron, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Julia Spencer-Fleming.

Friday 1:50-2:45 P.M. - I Don't Want to Be Alone - Room 1 - The art of collaboration with moderator Barbara Peters, Barbara Collins, Max Allan Collins, Wendy Corsi-Staub, Jonathan Greene, and Paul Kemprecos.

Friday 3:10-4:05 P.M. - Light as a Breeze - Room 4 - How far can you go and still be a cozy? with moderator Donna Andrews, Laura Bradford, E.J. Copperman, Liz Mugavero, Katherine Hall Page, and Rebecca Tope.

Saturday 10:20-11:15 A.M. - Shameless - Room 6 - Dead Cats & Bad Girls: The True Taboos in Crime Fiction with moderator Laura Lippman, Megan Abbott, Alison Gaylin, Lauren Henderson, Greg Herren, and Alex Marwood.

Saturday 3:10-4:05 P.M. - A Room of Our Own - Room 4 - What are We Reading? with moderator Dave Magayna, Lynn Farris, Jordan Foster, Joe Myers, Gerald So, and Kristopher Zgorski.

Sunday 9:00-9:55 A.M. - Pressure - Room 2 - The trials and tribulations of a modern author with moderator Russel McLean, Frankie Y. Bailey, John Burley, Aric Davis, Barb Goffman, amd Koethi Zan.

2nd Choice - Sunday 9:00-9:55 A.M. - Heartbreak Hotel - Room 3 - Being a writer doesn't come with room service with moderator Tom Sweeney, Maggie Barbieri, Suzanne Chaizin, Chris Ewan, Terry Shames, and Andy Siegel.

I hope I've left enough time for spontaneity. Feel free to contact me and rope me into something not listed.

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O'Neil De Noux said...

Gerald, wish I could attend. If they ever get one closer. New Orleans maybe?