Tuesday, October 22, 2013

BONES: "The Woman in White"

Angela, Hodgins, and the rest of the Jeffersonian team try to keep Brennan's mind off a thirty-year-old corpse so she can focus on her wedding to Booth. The lead characters had chemistry from Episode 1, but, as with any show of Bones's kind, I was wary of them getting together too soon. On the flipside, many shows drag courtships on too long, leaving the wedding for the final episode (see JAG), any chemistry having fizzled by then.

I didn't quite buy the late third season seduction of Zack Addy by the cannibal serial killer Gormogon. At the time, I thought it came out of nowhere, a ploy to bring viewers back after the 2007 writers' strike. Watching reruns, though, I see the seeds were planted. And in the larger scheme, the departure of the monotone, very Brennan-like Zack allowed Bones to find a better balance of human remains and humor that has carried it for five seasons now.

Bones premiered two seasons after another of my favorites, NCIS, but while I lost interest in NCIS three seasons ago, I've kept up with Bones throughout. Brennan, Booth, and notably the supporting characters all have personal lives that unfold along with the case of the week, letting the series have pregnancies and weddings without missing a beat.

(Spoiler alert for those who haven't seen the episode) The most moving part, by design, was Brennan's vows. In Season 2, when Brennan and Hodgins were abducted and buried alive by The Gravedigger, they each wrote a letter to someone they loved. Hodgins wrote to Angela. Brennan, she reveals at the altar, wrote to Booth. Mind blown. Single tear. Kudos to Hart Hanson, Stephen Nathan, and everyone on Bones.

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