Thursday, December 26, 2013

One Day Only?

Even in religious contexts, where Christmas lasts several days, Christmas Day is an unparalleled climax. As a writer in a family of doctors and computer programmers, I traditionally don't get many gifts that show knowledge of my tastes and profession on the day. If I'm really lucky, I get a blank journal.

This year—apologies for mixing holiday metaphors—I managed to avoid putting all my eggs in one basket of Christmas. The truth is, weeks before yesterday, my mother and aunts bought me much-needed winter clothes. And my brother bought me Blu-rays of Man of Steel and Bones: Season 7. We also went on vacation, where I put aside the Internet and TV and just read.

Sure. It would be great if more of my family sprung for Amazon or B&N gift cards, but things are swell as they are, too.

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