Monday, February 03, 2014

Sleepy Bowl

I couldn't attend any friends' Super Bowl parties this year, so I engaged in my alternate tradition, a nap. Yes, I slept through the entire game. The individualist in me resists doing what so many others are, but also, the Super Bowl strikes me as the final that least resembles a regular-season game. I like the regular seasons of most sports. As the media hype and attention increase, my interest oddly wanes. Where were all these people in Week 2?

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StephenD said...

Media hype is one of my biggest peeves in modern sports. After the game, I think there were twice as many members of the media on the field as there were players/coaches. Let the players (and the fans) enjoy the moment instead of trying to get "instant analysis" that nobody cares about or remembers an hour later.