Saturday, August 13, 2016

Zoe McLellan Leaves NCIS: New Orleans

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I'm late to the July 26 news that Zoe McLellan's NCIS: New Orleans character, Meredith Brody, won't be returning for Season 3, a creative decision stemming from Brody's Season 2 romantic dalliance with charismatic Homeland Security infiltrator John Russo (Ivan Sergei).

The casting of McLellan, whom I liked as P.O. Jennifer Coates on JAG, was one reason I bought into NCIS: New Orleans. Brody was awkwardly not fleshed out in the backdoor pilot, NCIS two-parter "Crescent City", but a mid-Season 1 episode revealed she was haunted by her twin sister Emily's death. Season 2 introduced her sassy yet secretive mother Olivia (Annie Potts) and uncovered the truth behind Emily's death.

I suppose, as with NCIS's Kate Todd, Season 2 completed Brody's arc and it was a good point at which to write her out. Sonya Percy (Shalita Grant) got off to a faster start than Brody and can fill the female action lead in her absence. Nonetheless, I'll miss Brody and occasionally wonder what might have been.

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