Sunday, December 11, 2016

Fuller of Itself?

© by Gerald So | 3:00 A.M.

On Friday the 9th, I decided to reward myself for finishing and submitting a story by watching Season 2 of Fuller House on Netflix. I'd found Season 1 full of humor and heart even though I'm a few years too old to have "grown up with" Full House.

I looked forward to seeing more of the characters, but there may not be more to them. Season 1 ended on the cliffhanger of whether D.J. would choose to date her co-worker Dr. Matt Harmon (John Brotherton) or divorced, classic boyfriend Dr. Steve Hale (Scott Weinger). As we pick up, Matt and Steve, having waited all summer for D.J.'s decision, have not only befriended each other but also landed new girlfriends. Poor D.J.

In fact, every main character on the show seems to seek or find a romantic partner in Season 2, making their arcs too similar for my liking.

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