Sunday, January 01, 2017

New Month's Resolution

© by Gerald So | 3:30 A.M.

For all the hype new years get, Januaries have been tough sledding for me since grade school. Maybe it was the challenge of coming back from Christmas break, but I've come to describe January as a month of Mondays. One of the things I loved about college was having January off between fall and spring semesters.

I'm also not great with new year's resolutions. Again, maybe it's the hype of "everyone" making them. I prefer and have had more success with mid-year resolutions. Last month I resolved to de-clutter my desk's main drawer. That went so well, I also de-cluttered a dresser drawer.

This year, I want to have a better January. That might mean doing more or simply reminding myself to enjoy the month whenever I can. If it goes well, I'll have momentum for February, and so on.

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