Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bones: "The End in the End"

© by Gerald So | 6:45 a.m.

The people behind Bones knew this would be its final season. With that, I wondered how much of it would feel designed to leave the characters in a particular place.

Despite being a procedural, Bones stands out for its authentic, spontaneous character moments. Beyond the formula of pairing Brennan's intellect with Booth's instincts, I believed they could fall in love and stay in love because of who they are specifically, down to their quirks.

True to form, though the final killer was an out-of-left-field throwback to Season 1, the finale served fans without being too obvious about it. I was a fan of Bones all twelve seasons. I can't say that about other shows that have run as long. And things were left in a good place to be called back should a future lineup need a shot of marrow.

That being said, for now, thanks to the cast and crew for years of entertainment, and best of luck on future projects.

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