Monday, December 26, 2005

And so this was Christmas

The family's annual Christmas party in Old Bridge, NJ was yesterday, with the addition of a few relatives who stayed the week after my cousin's wedding. It was nice to see the young'uns excitement. For me, Christmas gatherings have become less about presents and more about seeing my great family together in one place.

But in case you're interested here's what I got:

Clothing (Of course.)

A plug-in book light

The 2006 Writer's Market General edition (which I did not have already).

A blue Superman t-shirt with ice-covered S-shield

A book-sized organizer with memo paper

All useful stuff and not a chore to carry home. Not bad.

I finished the night selling a $4 MetroCard that expires on the 31st to get into a limit game of Texas Hold'em. The cards were not with me, however.

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