Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Clashing law partners and lovers Steve Solomon and Victoria Lord are bathing in the waters off the Florida Keys—Victoria waiting for the right moment to tell Steve she wants to start her own firm—when a yacht runs aground, almost running into them.

The captain of the yacht is Lord family friend Hal Griffin Sr., more affectionately known as "Uncle Grif." His only passenger at the time of the accident is one Ben Stubbs, who's managed to get shot with a speargun. When Stubbs dies, Griffin is charged with murder and hires Solomon & Lord to represent him.

Victoria asks Steve to sit second chair on the case. He agrees in theory, but has a hard time checking his instincts in practice. Adding to the partners' tension are Victoria's reunion with childhood sweetheart Junior Griffin and a sudden visit from Irene "The Queen" Lord.

Meanwhile, Steve has his own set of problems as he reopens the case of his father's resignation from the Bar.

No slump in Paul Levine's sophomore entry to the Solomon vs. Lord series. Again he delivers the fundamentals of good mystery—keeping the stakes high, leading the reader—in fine form.

UPDATE: All four books in the Solomon vs. Lord series are now available for Amazon Kindle.

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