Friday, March 10, 2006

WENN: Stone Proud To Bare All

Sharon Stone had no qualms about baring all for the steamy sequel to Basic Instinct because she is fed up with ageing actresses being restricted to unsexy roles. The middle-aged star shamelessly flaunted her figure in the upcoming Basic Instinct 2 in a bid to break the mould with her provocative character Catherine Tramell. She says, "By the time the film is released, I will be 48 and I wanted to do the nudity in a way that's quite brazen. I wanted her to be very masculine, like a man in a steam room and I wanted the audience to have a moment where they realize she's naked and then realize that she's a fortysomething woman and naked. Because we're not used to seeing that in movies. We're used to seeing Sean Connery and his granddaughter, you know what I mean? Or Mel Gibson and his daughter."

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Graham said...

I fully support Ms. Stone in her endeavors, and hope she continues this crusade.

BTW - 3:57am? Gotta get up pretty damn early to beat you to the punch.