Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Meme from The Memory Project

I am: thinking of answers for this meme.
I want: to watch the season finales of Smallville and NCIS before they officially air.
I wish: I could watch the season finales...
I hate: operating on someone else's schedule.
I love: breathing.
I miss: people mostly, different people at different times.
I fear: most live animals.
I hear: "Margaritaville" in my head.
I wonder: about the inner workings of almost everything.
I regret: letting little things get to me.
I am not: married.
I dance: with no thought to how I look.
I sing: from the heart.
I cry: quietly.
I am not always: blogging.
I make with my hands: gestures.
I write: to expand my horizons.
I confuse: apricots and nectarines.
I need: quiet to work.
I should: read more.
I start: winding down the later it gets. No night owl, I.
I finish: because I hate dragging things out.
I tag: anyone hurting for a blog entry.

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