Thursday, May 11, 2006

This is new.

I admit that, with a "To Be Continued" on last week's Smallville and the dissolution of the WB Network, I let myself believe tonight's finale would actually wrap up tonight.

Nope. Leave now if you don't want to read the various predicaments to be picked up on The CW next season:

Brainiac has given Lex Clark-like abilities, preparing him to be inhabited by Zod.

To force Clark to release Zod, Brainiac infects the world's computers with a virus.

Jor-El gives Clark the means to kill Lex before Zod can take over, but Clark hesitates and tries to kill Brainiac instead.

Brainiac disintegrates, releasing Zod into Lex anyway.

Zod traps Clark in the Phantom Zone.

Brainiac's virus traps Chloe in an anarchic Metropolis and fries the electronics on a plane carrying Lois and Martha. The plane depressurizes, knocking them unconscious.

In spite of chaos all around her, Lana meets Lex/Zod on the roof of LuthorCorp tower, looking to see if he's boyfriend material. She must be descended from Amidala.

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